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Dennis Sales – New England Coach of the Year 2012

Alex Newman – Junior at Monterey Peninsula CC, Pebble Beach

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Anyone fortunate enough to work with Andy Griffiths, would surely benefit from it.



Having not picked up a golf club in 12 years or so, Andy instantly put me at ease, and made the whole point of the lesson about understanding what makes great shots.  As soon as the weather was good enough we were out on the course putting driving range technique into real practice.  Andy has a great sense of humour and has made each lesson hugely enjoyable!  At last, simple instruction and understandable, practical golf lessons!



If you're serious about improving, Andy's holistic approach to player development will certainly have you on you way.



Andy fixed my game from a push hook in 18 holes. We played 2 rounds and I have never changed my swing as quickly as I did with my new understanding. The second round I played with Andy I shot 76. Almost every shot I played was dead straight or a slight fade. I played in a tournament the next weekend and I came 9th  and no doubt Andy helped me helped me score well. He is a great teacher.



I had a point where I was in a slump but I looked over notes/conversations we had made and now I'm ranked 8th in the state of Colorado and best on my team. I wouldn't have been able to get here without Andys help, explanations and practice plans!



Andys coaching is excellent with no exception. He always thought about the specific needs of everyone and we definitely appreciated very much the time we spent with him. He could EVEN cope with difficult golfers with lots of questions such as myself!



Andy inspired me to reach my full potential and strive for excellence. Plus I now have a PROPER understanding of ball flight!


Manfred + Andrea Ditz - Costa 100 Day World Cruise Passengers

Nicola Eastwood – Oak Park Golf Club

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