* 1 hour full swing / short game lesson using High Speed Cameras, Trackman, and post lesson email feedback    



* Goal setting and programme of 6 sessions



* 25 hour "beginner to golf course" program



* 1 hour putting lesson using SAM Putt Lab, AimPoint techniques, High Speed Cameras



* Junior (under 18) 1 hour lessons



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Additional Options:

All lessons include:

CN¥ 1588

CN¥ 1588



* Identifying your goals, strengths + weaknesses and best learning style

* Explanation of ball flight. Ensure you understand why your golf ball flies as it does

* Evaluation of your current golf swing and ball flight before identifying how to improve * A tailored golf improvement plan

Would you be happy if your doctor tried to assess and cure you in a half hour 'quick fix?'

CN¥ 1388

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NEW service. Through my work with

'The Golf Channel' you can now take online lessons. Click below for more:

1 Lesson Credit : £20 / $29.99

2 Lesson Credits : £33 / $49.95

4 Lesson Credits : £59 / $89.95

CN¥ 8588

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Me neither! I take the same, longer-term approach with your golf game!