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Have you spent on new equipment,  the latest training aids and read every swing tip out only to stop improving or move backwards?




I understand that each golfer is different. I listen to your ideas before we decide together the best plan to get you towards YOUR goals.

I strongly believe that golf instruction doesn’t have to be confusing.    I aim to dispel the myth that improvement is a long, boring process.


I know that it is tough to improve at anything unless we understand what we are trying to achieve. I am not here to judge you and your golf but to help you analyse your game a bit more and realise the golfing skills you already have within you.


I gain huge satisfaction in helping golfers enjoy their time more with this great game. My goal is to increase enjoyment and participation.

I write for many golfing publications as my knowledge and experience is sought after. But I am always learning too, so that I can offer you the best possible service.


Don’t take my word for it: check these                     from students.

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If you want to improve your game, enjoy playing more, but have fun whilst doing so, you need to see me because:

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